John Pennington


John is a partner at Savoy Properties. Since 2009 when he joined the company he has focused on growth and innovation—and what some might describe as pushing the status quo. John is passionate about bringing people and ideas together to create transformative opportunities. 

John’s entrepreneurial endeavors began in high school when he created and ran an asphalt company. After studying psychology and history at the University of Colorado Boulder, John moved to Denver where he fell in love with real estate and bought his first property. John has always had a knack for numbers and business, but he realized in Denver that building things was something he really wanted to do. 

One of the projects John is most proud of was Savoy’s first condominium project. He saw a gap in the market for luxury condominiums in highly desirable areas, so he worked with the team to take a raw piece of ground and build a community. Guiding people through change, assembling the right team, and communicating effectively to get buy-in from community stakeholders are all pieces of the puzzle that John enjoys turning visions into reality.